Une affaire d’accent

A la lecture du titre on pourrait croire que cet article abordera la question de la réforme française et de la suppression des accents sur certains mots....quoique l'on pourrait s'attarder sur la question! Mais non, je ne réformerai pas la langue de Molière car il ne s'agira pas de cet accent là. Il sera question … Lire la suite de Une affaire d’accent



Make the first step…..

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Today I dare! I spent quite a while thinking about my first article in english and I concluded I wouldn’t be able to do it. Why? English hasn’t always been my main language of instruction and english lessons only represented about 10% of everything I used t learn in school. So I am not that fluent in English.

People say I’m cameroonian, correct….Cameroon is bilingual, correct…. So what? Does that make me a bilingual indiviual? It always makes me think about this Cameroonian’s expression: « Cameroon is a bilingual country but cameroonians aren’t ».

In a bilingual country where the government is trying to integrate both French and English in schools’ programs, it seems evident that one language will be more taught than the other depending on your educational section (Francophone or Anglophone). There’s a little similarity between Pareto’s law of 80/20 and our educational system (which is normal); 80% of the…

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